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In Depth Investigation of General Liability Insurance Claims

Sure, we realize general liability often means slip and fall accidents.  We are also experienced in professional liability, liquor liability / dram shop, construction defects, OLT, homeowners liability, as well as products liability.  Our many decades of experience means we are familiar with determining and confirming coverage, conducting detailed meaningful investigations, systematically identifying damages and negotiating your settlements. Reports are tailored to your specific needs and our standard reports are captioned to concisely address all of your concerns.   We ensure all GL claims are investigated in depth, no matter how common or unique. Look to Texas Insurance Claims Service for all of your independent adjuster needs in the Dallas and North Texas area.


We are at home in North Texas

With a thorough knowledge of attorneys, venues and laws, we stand ready to represent you with quality in depth investigations and recommendations you can count on.

Mediation & Trial Attendance

We understand that adjusters can't always be two places at once.  Let our staff of qualified licensed adjusters attend mediations, hearings, and trials when you are not able.  We have decades of experience with mediators and attorneys in the North Texas area.





Contact us to ensure your general liability insurance claims are thoroughly investigated and reported. 

Trust Texas Insurance Claims Services as others have since 1944.